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Modern Edge Prototype Now Online

Modern Edge’s first prototype is now online and viewable at:

Let me highlight some cool features it has:

  1. Ajax Page Load

    Each menu and page is loaded in via Ajax coded through jQuery. That’s why the page never actually refreshes and each section of the page loads in on one single, persistent page!

  2. Cool Animations

    Animations coded in jQuery not only make the website look cool and fun to use, but they also give visual feedback as to when the page is changing.

  3. Resizeable Window

    As you resize the window, some page features will adjust like the second column’s size and the shadow around the edge of the browser screen. Also, the site supports up to viewport widths of 1024px through media queries.

  4. HTML5 Document and CSS3 Styling

    Uses HTML5 elements to structure the site and uses CSS3 styling to get “Photoshop-like” effects such as drop shadows, RGBA backgrounds, and @font-face kits.

Just note that this is the first prototype so there’s plenty of bugs. Also not all the content is in right now, but it will be pretty soon. School is starting soon and I don’t think I’ll be able to reach a 100% finish before then, but I hope to have a more optimized and less buggy second prototype out by then.

Planning Modern Edge

I’ve decided to blog my design and development process for the WordPress theme I call Modern Edge which will also be used for’s first revamp. I’m considering to sell it in the future too which is why it isn’t blatantly named like the current theme, but I think it will be exclusive for this website for a while. Instead of blogging about everything once the theme is done, I thought it would be more interesting to blog during the theme’s creation so it could more accurately reflect my thought process. Chances are I’m going to cut things out if I just post everything afterwards which will probably leave out some extra detail that I might be able to reflect on to improve myself afterwards.
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