What do you do?

I build websites that are functional, accessible, and appealing, and I can build websites for just about anything: eCommerce, blogs, forums, business websites, the official website for the bakery down the street, you name it.

Some other things I do in conjunction with web design and development are:

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How do you build your websites?

For the frontend I use HTML to structure the site and CSS to style it, just like any other website. However, depending on the client's intentions and target audience, different versions of these languages might be used. To add more functionality that isn't available from HTML and CSS, I use JavaScript, again another common language found on websites. Personally I prefer using the library jQuery to accelerate JavaScript development.

For the backend I use PHP and usually build off two types of platforms. The first is known as a content management system. These are pre-built and I simply extend the functionality and aesthetics of the system. One great example of this is me building custom themes and plugins for clients on top of WordPress. The other is known as a web application framework. I usually use this when clients require functionality that available content management systems don't provide. When it comes to frameworks, I personally prefer using Yii.

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Languages: HTML (XHTML/HTML5), CSS2/3, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, Java, C#, SQL, Processing

Technologies: WordPress, Yii, MySQL